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Hi everyone and welcome to our fashion blog! We are the Harris triplets: Wilneka, Wilmonia, and Wiletta Harris and together we are Wil Harris.

Random Facts About us:
You can tell us apart by our personalities, though some people still get confused... 
• We were born one minute apart 
• Birth order: Neka, Monia, and Etta 
Our favorite number is 3 (B-day 3/31 and of course there's 3 of us)
 • We think laughter is the best medicine, and often laugh at the stupidest things (especially Neka)! 
• We love being aunties to our two adorable nieces (6 and 4 years old) 
• We're the youngest and the only girls of 7 kids 
 We attended different colleges 
 We had a fun and memorable childhood 
• We're PKs (Preacher's kids) 
 Our Dad's name is William, hence the "Wil" in our names 
 We love our Liberian culture, food and people
 Favorite movie:
 Neka: Steel Magnolias
Monia: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
 Etta: The Devil Wears Prada

Boy crush:
Neka: Lance Gross
Monia: Zac Efron
Etta: Idris Elba

Girl crush:
Neka: Tika Sumpter
Monia: Jennifer Lopez
Etta: Kelly Rowland

Favorite city:
Neka: Paris
Monia: Atlanta
Etta: Manhattan

Favorite Bible verse:
Neka: Philippians 4:13
Monia: Jeremiah 29:11
Etta: 1 Peter 5:6-7

What we like to do:
Neka: Shopping, cooking, and browsing the web
Monia: Reading, decorating, baking, and writing
Etta: Shopping, volunteering, and dancing

Favorite TV show:
 Neka: Reality TV shows
Monia: Castle
Etta: Scandal

Describe your style:
Neka: Girly with an edge
Monia: Colorful and sophisticated
Etta: Sexy chic

Favorite style icon:
Neka: My mom
Monia: Audrey Hepburn
Etta: Jennifer Lopez

Favorite magazine:
Neka: Elle
Monia: Instyle
 Etta: Essence

Morning or night person:
Neka: Night
Monia: Depends
Etta: Morning

Ideal vacation spot:
Neka: Paris, France
Monia: Rome, Italy
Etta: Bora Bora

Check out our first blog post to learn more about us!
        XO Wil Harris        

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