Wednesday, February 27, 2013

All aboard with fashion!

Gone are the days where people dressed up to go to the airport. The 1950s was one of those great decades where women dressed to impress when they traveled and men looked like gentlemen. This was the era where families sat down for dinner, and fashion was revolving into something we now call vintage. One look we absolutely love from this utopia were the stewardess and flight attendants uniforms. 

A flight attendants uniform has been 82 years in the making. Flight attendants were first used as safety for customers on Boeing Air Transport in 1930. They wore boring gray uniforms but through out the years fashion designers transformed the boring nurse like uniforms into something fashionable and fierce.

Stewardess and flight attendants uniforms throughout the years: 

Vintage flight attendant uniforms white
Vintage flight attendant uniforms
60s flight attendant uniforms
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grayed Jade!

Grayed Jade is a beautiful color and is one of Pantone's colors for spring 2013. Not only is the name pretty and sounds like a character from a Jane Austen novel but a color inspired by mother nature. You can see this color just before a storm or in the roaring tumble of the sea. 

This color is very soft and romantic with a subtle mix of green with a gray undertone. It's also a feminine color with a little mysterious edge. Imagine this color in a pretty sheath dress or cute little ballet flats, yes please! 

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Style icon: Billie Holiday

Influential jazz singer Billie Holiday is known for her distinctive vocals and as one of jazz's greatest song stylists, but she also had a signature style that was inspiring and feminine. 

Billie Holiday was born April 7, 1915 as Eleanora Harris in Pennsylvania. She had a difficult childhood and her pain and struggle was shown through her singing. When she was 17 years old she began singing at Jazz clubs in New York City and was discovered by a music producer in 1933 and had her first album by the time she was 18. She adopted the stage name Billie Holiday after actress Billie Dove and was given the nickname Lady Day by her friend and musical partner Lester Young.

She was often photographed with her hair pinned up in an elegant chiffon accessorized with a beautiful white gardenia. Accessories were a big part of her style and she wore them all, statement necklaces, pearls, cock tail rings, gloves, and chandler earrings. She wore fancy cocktail dresses that showed off her figure that had extra feminine details like bows, sequins, and studs. 

Billie Holiday passed away at the tender age of 44 on July 17, 1959, but her legacy and inspiration lives on.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Apples and Oranges!

 Wearing black and white is a definite trend for the spring and summer, but wearing color is the perfect way to brighten up your day, especially on those cloudy and rainy days. Wearing two bright colors together like red and orange is a combination that is bold, fun, modern and youthful. 

 In color theory, red is a primary color because it cannot be made by mixing two other colors and orange is a secondary color because it's made by mixing yellow and red. When you mix red and orange you'll get a tertiary color; a beautiful reddish orange hue. Red and orange are neighbors on the color wheel and are adjacent or analogous colors. These two colors are definitely neighborhood friendly. 

You can pair red and orange with neutrals like black and tan. White is a fresh and crisp color and red and orange will pop against it. Brown will subdue the two colors and make them more warm and romantic. Mixing other prints and patterns like leopard and stripes makes a fun and edgy statement

Red and orange outfit inspirations:


Would you wear red and orange together? What color combination is your favorite to wear? Let us know in the comments!
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Monday, February 18, 2013


We love marshmallow-fluff and we're not talking about the kind that you can eat but the kind that comes in a nail polish bottle. White nail polish is a fresh color and is perfect for spring 2013. It's clean and crisp and gives your finger tips something to talk about! 

White mani inspiration: 
Images via

Try these 6 shades of white:

Will you be wearing white nail polish for spring 2013? 
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-Day movie fashion!

Valentine's Day is a day filled with love and of course... fashion! Fashionistas everywhere probably spend hours finding that special outfit or outfits (haha) for that one special person or for a girls Valentine's Day out. What better way to find inspiration on V- Day than from a sweet and romantic movie? We've picked three of our favorite movies that are sure to inspire you.

Carmen Jones (1954) is a movie about love, passion, betrayal and tragedy. Carmen Jones is a young and free spirited woman whose  beauty is the object of many men's desires. However, Carmen sets her sights on young army officer, Joe, who is engaged to Cindy Lou. Joe quickly succumbs to Carmen's charms, leaving Cindy Lou, thus beginning the tragic love story.

Look to try: Carmen's signature style is a mid calf skirt with a sexy split down the middle paired with an off the shoulder top tucked in and topped off with strappy black heels for a simple, elegant, and sexy look. 

Dirty Dancing (1987) is set in the summer of 1963, where innocent 17-year-old Frances "Baby" Houseman vacations with her parents at a Catskill's resort. One evening, she is drawn to the staff quarters by dancing music. There she meets Johnny, the hotel dance instructor, who is as experienced as Baby is naive. Baby soon becomes Johnny's pupil in dance and the rhythm of love.

Look to try: In the famous lifting scene, Baby wears one of the most iconic dresses. It's a soft pink hue that hits just below the knee with a flirty pleated skirt.

Sabrina (1954) is a Cinderella like story filled with love, humor, and charm. Bogie and Holden are the mega-rich Larrabee brothers of Long Island. Bogie's all work, Holden's all playboy. But when Sabrina, daughter of the family's chauffeur, returns from Paris all grown up and glamorous, the stage is set for a little family feud as the brothers fall under the spell of Sabrina's charms.

Look to try: Sabrina's vintage cocktail dress was definitely before its time. It has a detachable train that leaves a column strapless dress. Try a strapless LBD with white gloves for an elegant sophisticated Valentine's Day look.  

Let us know some of your Valentine's Day movie picks, we'll love to read them. We hope you have a great Valentine's Day! 

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Style inspiration: Audrey Hepburn

This classic look worn by Audrey Hepburn is a simple yet elegant.The white button down  shirt is a wardrobe staple that has stood the test of time and is always in style. Hepburn tied hers in the front for a playful summer look. Her midi skirt hits her at mid-calf and is paired with cute bow ballet flats. 

Longer skirts can be a tricky thing to wear, especially if you're on the shorter side. Experiment with lengths above or below the knees until you find the one for you. If you find a skirt that you love but the length isn't just right , try getting it tailored. 

White button downA-line midi skirtSunhatBow ballet flats

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Which witch?

Oz:The Great and Powerful (March 8th) is a Disney fantasy movie inspired by the beloved 1900 Children's Novel, The Wizard of Oz, and the 1939 movie adaptation. The movie is  set before the events of the novel and is about a small-town magician, Oscar Diggs, who is hauled away from Kansas to the Land of Oz and sees fame and fortune. Everyone in Oz is expecting a great and powerful wizard but the three witches, Glinda, Evanora, and Theodora are not convinced. Who is good and who is evil? That is the great question Oscar must find out before it's too late. 

Movie trailer: 

While Oscar questions and figures out who is good and who is evil; we want to know, which witch has the most style? Here are our fashion inspired looks of Glinda, Evanora, and Theodora, gotta love those names right!

Glinda the good witch rules over a kingdom filled with kind and simple people. She is a ruler who is compassionate and sparkles with style and elegance. 
Nude Mary JanesGold velvet headbandIvory and gold lace dress

As protector and royal advisor of the Emerald City, Evanora is a witch to fear and is not green with envy but green with style and edge. 
Spike dangle earrings/Manhattan romance heelGabby sequin plunge back dress

Theodora is the naive little sister of Evanora and hopes to one day have peace in the Land of Oz. Her style is bold yet simple with a classic twist. 
Burgundy blazerA-line dressKnee-high boots

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Love-Themed collection!

Target is teaming up with another great fashion designer, Prabal Gurung, for a fresh, new, and colorful collection! Gurung is a Nepalese American Fashion Designer who launched his first collection in February 2009 at New York Fashion Week. His designs have been worn by Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, and Jennifer Lawrence and now you too can get a piece of the action with his affordable 92 piece Target collection,

The Love-Themed collectionwhich was inspired by love, will be just in time for Valentine's Day because the entire collection will be available February 10th - March 23rd in Target stores and But you won't find cliche red and pink little hearts but instead eye-catching prints and bold bright colors paired with subtle mixes of black 

A few looks from The Love-Themed collection:
1. Sleeveless dress in Meet The Parents print, $44.99; crystal stone tassel earrings, $16.99; crystal stone cutout bangles, $24.99 each; lace-up pumps, $39.99

2. Dress with full skirt in Apple red and black, $49.99; crystal stone cutout bangle, $24.99; crystal stone tassel earrings, $16.99; lace-up pumps in Meet The Parents print, $39.99

3. Pintuck dress, $49.99; lace miniaudiere, $34.99; floral earrings, $14.99; ankle-strap pumps, $39.99

4. Dress in First Date print, $34.99; miniaudiere in Nolita print, $34.99; floral earrings, $14.99; crystal teardrop pendant necklace, $19.99; crystal teardrop necklace, $39.99; flat sandals, $29.99

5. Cardigan in Dresden blue and Calypso coral, $32.99; sweater in Dresden blue/Atlantis, $29.99; tank top, $19.99; miniaudiere in Nolita print, $34.99; ankle-strap pumps in Apple red, $39.99

6. Ruffle dress in Sulfur Spring, $39.99; lace miniaudiere, $34.99; lace-up pumps in Nolita print, $34.99

7. Short-sleeve dress in First Date print and black, $39.99; miniaudiere in Nolita print, $34.99; floral necklace, $39.99; crystal teardrop pendant necklace, $19.99; wedge sandals in Apple red, $29.99

8. Sweatshirt in First Date print, $29.99; pencil skirt in Dresden blue, $29.99; tote in Nolita print, $39.99; bangles, $16.99 each; wedge sandals, $29.99

9. Dress with full skirt in Floral Crush print, $49.99; ankle-strap pumps in Sulfur Spring, $39.99

10. Lace front blouse in white, $34.99; shorts in Floral Crush print, $26.99; crystal teardrop earrings, $16.99; lace-up pumps, $39.99

11. Sleeveless blouse in First Date print, $26.99; pleated skirt with lace in Sulfur print, $29.99; lace miniaudiere, $34.99; floral earrings in Dresden blue, $14.99; bangles, $16.99 each; wedge sandals, $29.99

12. Lace blouse, $29.99; skirt in Meet The Parents print, $29.99; crystal teardrop earrings, $16.99; bangle in Calypso print, $16.99; lace crystal stone bangle, $29.99; crystal stone cutout bangle, $24.99; lace-up pumps, $39.99

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You can stand under my collar!

We loved the detachable collars of 2012 and in 2013 we love to wear a fun bold statement necklace with a collared shirt. It adds instant glam to any outfit, whether you like a little sparkle, elegant diamonds, a pop of color, or classic pearls. 

Here are 4 easy and simple ways you can wear this look.

You can wear it with a: 
images via: 1, 2, 3

images via: 1, 2, 3

images via: 1, 2, 3

images via: 1, 23

How would you wear a statement necklace? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to enter in our blog giveaway here!
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