Thursday, July 25, 2013

Style icon: Françoise Hardy

Françoise Hardy, a French singer and actress, has a classic and quirky style with a Parisian flair that puts her at the top of the style icon list. She signed to a Parisian record label, Vogue, in 1961 at the age of seventeen and wowed Europe with her debut release Tous Les Garçons et Les Filles, which sold over two million copies around Europe. Mick Jagger called her the ideal woman and Bob Dylan dedicated a poem to her.
Even though Hardy was painfully shy, she had the air of je ne sais quoi about her and the camera loved her. She made street style, street style even before there was Internet, Instagram, fashion bloggers, and well... street style. 

Her iconic style captured the likes of many in the fashion industry. She made lasting friendships with Paco Rabanne and Yves St Laurent and influenced Nicolas Ghesquière, former head of the couture house Balenciaga.

She mixes classic American and French pieces like trench coats and breton stripes, has sexy boho down to a science, rocks her signature locks with eye-grazing bangs beautifully, and has a simple mod aesthetic.

Hardy is definitely a timeless beauty heading into her seventies and shows no signs of slowing down. She released her latest album, L’amour fou, last year and continues to be an inspiration for women around the world. 

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  1. What an inspirational post! I love her style, very wearable and a special personal touch. /Madison

    1. Thank you, her style is inspiration enough!

  2. Wow...Love her!

    It's been ages.. I've missed Wil Harris!

  3. I love her style. It's unique.


  4. She's so pretty and has aged so beautifully. Love her whole look.

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  5. love this post! thanks for putting these stuff together! she is a legend. love her!


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