Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Now and Then!

Now and Then, set in Georgia during the 1970s, is a coming-of-age movie of four girls who share an eventful summer that sets in motion their adult lives. This poignant movie  showcased girlhood friendship as well as the happy go lucky fashion of the 1970s   geometric patterns, clashing colors, and the androgynous hippie look. 

For these four best friends, their summer adventures were filled with being outdoors until the streetlights came on, riding their bikes to their many misdeeds, secret midnight meetings, creepy seances, playing with the neighborhood boys and swimming in the nearby lake. With these spontaneous shenanigans, they wore a lot of colors, pattern tops, denims shorts and sneakers. 

We use to watch this movie all the time and watching it now brings back memories of our own childhood adventures! How about you, have you seen this movie?

XO Wil Harris

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  1. I've never seen that movie! I recognize Christina Ricci. Love that bicycle.


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