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Diana Von Furestenberg is an inspiring woman with an inspiring story. She is known for her iconic wrap dress that rose to prominence in 1972. Not since Coco Chanel's LBD has a dress gotten some much attention. She re-launched her  fashion company, DVF, in 1997 with an updated version of the wrap dress. She has a commitment to female empowerment and independence and speaks out on racism in the fashion industry. She is a woman who understands being beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. Here are our 10 favorite quotes from DVF, about life, beauty, and fashion!

On self-love:
“When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.” 

Dressing for your personality:
“Always choose styles that also accentuate your personality. Don’t use fashion to try and project a different persona.  Authenticity is key.”

Using your handbag as your guide:
“Before leaving home, check your agenda and organize your bag according to what you have to do that day. Keeping everything in order makes life easier.”

On the rules of fashion:
"If there is one rule for dressing, for fashion, it's pretty much the same rule as for everything else in life: Don't go against yourself, don't go against your own nature. It's only going to show." 

On the passage of time:
“The older you get, the more you should learn to love life and appreciate the beauty that comes with age.”

About the secret of her appeal:
"I have yet to meet a woman who is not strong, and if I have any role in fashion, it is to help women express that strength."

On beauty:
"No one should notice how your eyes are done or the color of your eye-shadow. They should just notice you and notice that you're beautiful, that you have beautiful eyes."

On diet and exercise:
"Don't talk about your diet. It's just boring, and the last thing you need when dieting is to be considered boring"

On self-acceptance:
“You're always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company.” 

From her book: Diane: A Signature Life
“The girls who were unanimously considered beautiful often rested on their beauty alone. I felt I had to do things, to be intelligent and develop a personality in order to be seen as attractive. By the time I realized maybe I wasn't plain and might even possibly be pretty, I had already trained myself to be a little more interesting and informed.” 

Do you have a favorite DVF quote?
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  1. She is such a classy lady! I love these words of inspiration from her. Always adored her sense of fashion.


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