Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Style it like Beckham!

David Beckham may have retired from football but we hope he won't retire from his style game! He is probably one of the most stylish athletes and can rock a tailored suit like nobody's business. Beckham definitely has his own style and sticks to a neutral color palette with the occasional color.

His casual style is nothing but casual. Its's effortless, simple, and natural. Relaxed fitted jeans, beanie hats, plaid shirts, tees, scarves, and reading glasses are a few of the items that make up casual Beckham. He keeps things interesting with a jacket over a jacket, a white tee peeking through a chambray shirt, or a rugged messenger bag.

Beckham just doesn't wear a suit he wears a suit. He takes his casual wear and transforms it into his formal wear. A neutral color palette, classic pieces, and clean lines make his formal wear modern and timeless. There's nothing like a tailored suit! 

Posh and David make one posh couple. Beckham's neutral color palette works great against his wife's colorful ensembles.They complement each other nicely. 

XO Wil Harris

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  1. They both wear clothes so well! They're sharp!

  2. What an AMAZING looking man! He and Victoria are so chic.


  3. Victoria & David Beckham are quite the stylish couple! I love the looks you've shared. There's nothing like David in a tailored suit!

    Great post!

    xo, Drea

  4. Hi has such suave style, more guys should learn to dress like this I think!


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