Monday, June 24, 2013

Fashion meets decor!

Fashion meets decor, with summer fashion trends! Not only can bold stripes or soft pastels look great with a cute summer dress but also look great on an accent wall or a love seat. Be inspired by these 6 summer trends that will make you and your home look chic and summery.

Mixed prints are definitely not going anywhere this season. You can create a visually stunning look with mixed prints. Try mixing bold African inspired prints for a vibrant look. For a cohesive look, find a shared color between the two prints, like red or blue. 
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We love that this look has two trends in one: black and white and stripes. You get the simplistic flair with black and white and the edginess with the stripes. This look is modern, clean, and assertive, and translates well into home decor. A black and white striped accent wall or entry way? Yes, please. 
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Color-blocking is visually pleasing to the eye and it's as easy as wearing 2 or 3 bold colors together. Some of our favorite combos are, orange and pink, purple and yellow, or green, pink, and orange! Check out one of our earliest blog post on color-blocking here
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These sorbet shades are almost good enough to eat! They're soft and chalky and make great layering pieces for a little added sweetness. From the soft pastels like mint, to bright pastels like lemon, this summer is sure to be sweet. 
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Pantone knew what they were doing when they picked emrald green as the color for 2013. It's a dramatic, luxurious, and regal color that can be worn for all occasions. We like this timeless color with blue and white for a fresh look, brown and yellow for a warm feel and red and orange for a modern update. 
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Shimmery, shiny, and almost futuristic, this trend is great for unexpected combinations. You can go as opulent as an iridescent evening gown or casual with metallic shorts and a cotton tee. This trend definitely makes a statement in and out of the home.
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What are your favorite summer trends? Would you use them as home decor inspiration? Let us know the comments!

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  1. This was a really cool post! I've always been a fan of pastels, but I am loving those bold stripes on the wall. How fabulous!

    1. Aww,thanks Kim! We love the bold stripes too.


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