Friday, May 3, 2013

Suakoko Betty trunk show recap!

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of attending the Suakoko Betty  (pronounced SWAH-ko-ko) trunk show hosted by two Atlanta fashion bloggers, Trina from Baby Shopaholic and Eboni from Fashionista-Next-Door. We had a great time mingling with other bloggers and fashionistas in the Atlanta area while shopping beautiful modern African print designs in gorgeous dresses, accessories and separates. 

Charlene Dunbar is the designer and founder behind Suakoko Betty and we're proud to call her our cousin. Charlene has always had an eye for fashion so when she launched Suakoko Betty in 2007, we knew there was nothing but great things to come! 

The name Suakoko Betty is an unforgettable and original name like Charlene's designs. "Suakoko" means place of new beginnings in Kpelle, a West African dialect, and is also the name of a re-known female warrior chief in Liberia, West Africa. Translation: we bring fresh, lead-don't-follow thinking to African-inspired design (Suakoko Betty). 

You can purchase all things Suakoko Betty from the online inventory or if you're in the Atlanta area, at The Beehive Boutique. Suakoko Betty has a wide range of colorful prints and patterns you can choose from for a custom design. For more information on pricing, custom outfits, and all things Suakoko Betty, can contact Charlene at and/or visit

**We want to give a special thanks to Charles Dunbar for these amazing pictures!**

Left:Our brother Lasanna and his wife Najah,
Middle: Trina from Baby Shopaholic
Right: Charlene with one of the attendees. 

These pictures were taken with Monia's S3. 

Left: Charlene helping Eboni, from Fashionista-Next-Door, tie her bow. She's wearing a beautiful Suakoko Betty design. 

Beautiful ladies all rocking Suakoko Betty.

The models after the fashion show with Charlene, Eboni, and Trina. Every outfit here is a Suakoko Betty original! Talk about gorgeous. 

Fashionistas of Atlanta striking a pose. We love how Wonder Woman is behind all these beautiful ladies... Girl power!!!

XO Wil Harris


  1. Lovely photos! I really like the saturated colors and bold prints. :)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the prints, design and style. I wonder what size she goes up to? Mights have to b ask for a custom made piece.


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