Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Once you go white you'll never go back!

Wearing all white from head to toe is a very sleek and sophisticated look. With all the floral prints and brights colors making their way on the walkways of everyday life, white brings a sense of newness. It's an exceptional color for a simple high-impact statement. 

There are many shades of white, like beige, ivory, eggshell, latte, nude, champagne, pure white, vanilla, cream, bone... this can go on and on. And the best part is, there's a shade of white out there for everyone! It's like the bride picking out that perfect shade of white for her wedding dress, because let's face it, not everyone looks good in pure white. 

Wearing all white can be intimidating but here are a few simple tips that you can follow as a guideline:

1. Find the right shade of white that compliments your skin tone.
In general, there are two types of skin tones: warm and cool. Warm skin tones have dark tones and have olive or brown undertones. Cool skin tones are light to medium and have pink or yellow undertones. Warm skin tones look great in really bright whites and give a great contrast, on the opposite side, it can make cool tones look washed out. Ivory looks great with medium skin tones with pink undertones. Here is a great article to help you figure out if you're warm or cool! 

2. Wear pieces that are comfortable to you.
This seems like an easy rule to follow, but remember, you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort! Wear that white tank top with your white jeans, or that big slouchy sweater. White can be intimidating and you don't want to feel uncomfortable in it. And ladies, we will advise you not to wear white when Aunt flow comes to visit! 

3. Underneath is (probably) as important as the surface.
While wearing white underwear with a white outfit sounds reasonable, it's definitely not the best option. If you wear those white undies with the pink polka dots, everyone will know it! Find underwear that is closet to your skin complexion or flesh colored ones. Thongs are a great choice of underwear but if you don't like to wear them, boy shorts or even spanx work just as great. 

4. Play with textures and color.
Wearing all white gives you a great blank canvas to work with. Adding interesting textures, like lace and embroidery add great charm and contrast. The same thing goes for color. While we love the purity and freshness of an all white ensemble, we know there are others who feel more comfortable with a little color. You can either mix and match different shades of white, keep your accessories on the neutral side (black, tan) or be bold with a pop of color. Instead of white heels, you can wear black heels or a fun pop of red and even a simple colored skinny belt. 

Would you wear all white? How would you wear it? Do you have any tips for wearing white? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. like white things :)

  2. This was actually really helpful :) I hate how white bottoms are so see through sometimes, boy shorts are the way to go!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  3. I love wearing white, but usually pair it with color. I think all white looks so classy, elegant and sophisticated. Right now, I just have black and white or color with white. Definitely something to consider.

  4. I have never tried wearing all white before but seeing this fantastic style inspiration is tempting me to try it out. Great pics and tips!

    1. Thank you Sam, this look will look great on you!

  5. I love white!!!! <3 its such a great color & it goes well with everything!!! Love my white jeans!!! Xoxo :)


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