Friday, April 26, 2013

When the sky meets the ocean!

Colors in mother nature give us great inspiration, in fact, there is no better place! Where the sky meets the ocean, you'll find a great color combination that is sure to inspire. Cobalt blue and white make a dynamic duo with a perfect blend of vibrant and soft.

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Cobalt blue was a popular color choice for fall 2012 and it's now rolling over into spring and summer, and we have to say, it makes us kind of happy! This fun look was seen on the spring 2013 runways with feminine silhouettes and patterns. Cobalt blue is a very strong color, and pairing it with white softens it up for a fresh and flirty look.

Cobalt blue and white outfit inspiration: 
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images via 1, 2 3
images via 1, 2, 3
Would you wear this color combination? Let us know in the comments and happy Friday!
XO Wil Harris


  1. Stunning post, you have just got me addicted to this royal blue hue, it it so uplifting!

  2. YES! I love cobalt blue I also think it looks so fresh against the new watermelon-y color that we've been seeing.

    I love all the outfits that you ladies chose!

    1. Thank you, it looks so pretty with a watermelon-y color.


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