Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Which witch?

Oz:The Great and Powerful (March 8th) is a Disney fantasy movie inspired by the beloved 1900 Children's Novel, The Wizard of Oz, and the 1939 movie adaptation. The movie is  set before the events of the novel and is about a small-town magician, Oscar Diggs, who is hauled away from Kansas to the Land of Oz and sees fame and fortune. Everyone in Oz is expecting a great and powerful wizard but the three witches, Glinda, Evanora, and Theodora are not convinced. Who is good and who is evil? That is the great question Oscar must find out before it's too late. 

Movie trailer: 

While Oscar questions and figures out who is good and who is evil; we want to know, which witch has the most style? Here are our fashion inspired looks of Glinda, Evanora, and Theodora, gotta love those names right!

Glinda the good witch rules over a kingdom filled with kind and simple people. She is a ruler who is compassionate and sparkles with style and elegance. 
Nude Mary JanesGold velvet headbandIvory and gold lace dress

As protector and royal advisor of the Emerald City, Evanora is a witch to fear and is not green with envy but green with style and edge. 
Spike dangle earrings/Manhattan romance heelGabby sequin plunge back dress

Theodora is the naive little sister of Evanora and hopes to one day have peace in the Land of Oz. Her style is bold yet simple with a classic twist. 
Burgundy blazerA-line dressKnee-high boots

Which witch is your favorite? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to enter into our giveaway here!
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  1. Great feature, love how you have recreated styles for each persona from the movie, I love the glimmering green dress most!


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