Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Archie Girls

We love finding fashion inspiration from many places and our new found place are between the pages of the classic comic book series, Archie comics, more specifically with the two female characters Betty and Veronica. They are the ultimate frenemies who strutted the halls of Riverdale High with their impeccable style. 

Betty is the typical girl next door, funny, one of the smartest girls at Riverdale, loves fashion and cares for the environment. Veronica is the only child of the richest couple in Riverdale and is the typical spoiled brat. She loves high-end fashion and at times can be conceited and vain. 

Betty and Veronica's style consist of bright colors, bold prints, mixed prints, bell-shaped bottoms and skirts, wide belts, clogged heels, ballet flats, classic pumps, headbands and hair ribbons, shorts, and a-line skirts. This is one fantasy wardrobe we'll love to shop in! 

 Whether you're team Betty or team Veronica, you can definitely take a style lesson from the most stylish girls at Riverdale High.

Betty coming back from a sleepover. Most perfect jacket for coming back from a night out. Comfy and stylish. This submission and commentary comes to us from the beautiful robot cupcake kemotional, thank you!   

this submission is brought to us by the angelic rainbow ice cream http://sbhoola.tumblr.com/ 

Fashion inspired by B and V: 
Blue blouse/Pencil skirt/Bow bracelet

Gingham top/Red skirt/Black belt

Are you team Betty or team Veronica? Whose style do you like the best? Let us know in the comments!
XO Wil Harris

B and v pictures from Betty and Veronica Fashions


  1. What a great flashback! I LOVED Archie Comics, and even loved the cartoon back in the day... The bright colors and relatable characters really pulled you in. It's funny, even as a young girl I noticed that Betty and Veronica were stylish. I actually admired their clothing! (And guess I still do!)

    1. Thank you Rachel! Us too, our mom use to buy us Archie Comics all the time and we loved to see what B and V were up to... and what they were wearing!

  2. Thanks a lot for the comment & follow!!! Following you both on GFc & Bloglovin (#28)...Let's keep in touch!!! Greetings from Rome


  3. What a super post! I loved betty and veronica all my life though i definitely lean towards Betty any day!

  4. fashion inspiration can come from anything (place, person, etc.) and i love that you guys are pulling influences from comics. I adore the red peplum dress on Veronica!


  5. I'm all for Betty's style though I'd much rather wear the look you picked out for Ronnie! So 60's glamour, you know! Fabulous post - takes me back...

  6. I'm a huge fan of Betty's style though I really prefer your style pick for Veronica- very 8-'s glamour! Love this post. You girls rock!


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