Monday, August 20, 2012

Baroque in the 21st!

We first discovered Baroque fashion when we saw these amazing Minimal Baroque Prada sunglasses from their Spring 2011 collection. 


Who knew fashion could be inspired by art in such a grand way! This fall, it seems that the Baroque Era from the 17th and 18th century is making another comeback in the 21st century, but with a modern update. 

Baroque is a term used to describe the architecture, music and art of the 17th and 18th century. This style lavished buildings in intricate shapes, gave opulent paintings and morals, and the style of dress extravagance. 

Baroque fashion is definitely bringing the drama, opulence and luxury back into fashion. With very intricate details like embroidery and appliques, you'll be a masterpiece of style. It'll be dramatic and bold, be adorned with beautiful textures, and be made out of rich fabrics like velvet and silk. 

If you're going to wear the baroque look don't be afraid to go all out! Wear those heels, that red lipstick or statement earrings. This look clearly says lavish, so why not go all out? 

Baroque from the runway:
Balmain Fall 2012
Marchesa Fall 2012
Lanvin Fall 2012
Valentino Fall 2012
baroque fashion 2012
Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012

  Baroque inspired finds:
Never Svelte This Way Dress
Image 1 of ASOS Sweatshirt with Baroque Ombre Print
Forever 21
Truly Madly Deeply Baroque Scroll Muscle Tank
Urban Outfitters
Will you be wearing baroque fashion this season? Let us know in the comments!
XO Wil Harris 


  1. I like the Baroque fashion style, especially in those sunglasses. I still really want to own a pair.

    1. Yeah, those Prada sunglasses are somewhat amazing :)

  2. I love when fashion meets classic art. :) All of these collections and clothing items you've posted here are GORGEOUS. So stunning and classy and eclectic. But I have to admit, those sunglasses take the cake. Flawless.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Yeah, it's the best and you described them perfectly. The sunglasses really do take the cake.


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