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Style icon: Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth
October 17,1918 - May 14,1987

Rita Hayworth was born Margarita Carmen Cansino in Brooklyn, New York to a family of dancers. Her father, who was born in Spain, was a flamenco dancer, her mother, an American Irish-English descent, was a Ziegfield girl dancer and her paternal grandfather was a renowned Spanish classical dancer.

To launch her career, she went through an extensive makeover. Her hairline was raised via a series of very painful electrolysis treatments, dyed her hair to red and change her name by shortening it to Rita and adding a y to her mother's maiden name, Haworth. She got her big motion picture break because she was willing to change her hair color, whereas other actresses were not. She reportedly changed her hair color eight times in eight movies. Keep in mind, all of this was in the 1940's! 

She was not only a leading lady but was also a leading fashion trendsetter of her time. Jean Louis, chief designer to the stars of the "Golden Age," took Hayworth as his muse. She wore elbow length gloves, had pin waved locks, wore body hugging gowns that showed off her hour-glass figure and was often seen in lace and floral prints. 

A few tidbits about Rita Hayworth:
Nicknamed "The Love Goddess"
One the 1940's biggest stars
A pin-up girl for military servicemen during WWII and a beauty icon for women.
Listed by The American Film Institute as one of the 100 Greatest Stars of all time
In 1949, her lips were voted best in the world by the Artists League of America.
Had a modeling contract with Max Factor to promote its Tru-Color lipsticks and Pan-Stik make-up
Was married and divorced five times
♥She had two Daughters, Rebecca Welles and Princess Yasmin Aga Khan
♥ She was very modest and shy, a complete opposite to the characters she portrayed on the big screen 

Because of her appeal, she appeared on the cover of Life Magazine several times:

Her Max Factor ads:

A few of her movie posters: 

Her striptease scene from the movie Gilda (1946),was one of her most famous roles.
(Keep in mind this was the 1940's)

Rita Hayworth died in 1987 from Alzheimer's Disease. Her headstone includes the inscription: "To yesterday's companionship and tomorrow's reunion."


  1. i love the 'real style icons' like rita hayworth or marilyn monroe *-* these girls are my personality icons, too.

    1. Yes, they're truly "real style icons". Great choices Kiki!

  2. These are great picture! That was back when fashion was more unique. Instead now a days people freak if you don't have a pair of uggs!

    1. Thanks Molly! Ha ha, uggs. We're not a fan of those either.

  3. Wow.. Amazing post dearies.. Loving' it.. What a stunning fashion icon indeed, xx


  4. I wish the classic lady look came back to Hollywood as well the curvaceous bodies...

    1. Us too Anna! Instead we have people like Snooki.

  5. I had no idea they had electrolysis back then. That's crazy, because she seems so beautiful!


    1. Crazy right? The things we do for beauty. We wonder what she really looked like.


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