Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beauty tricks and finds for hair, nails and lips

For the Hair:
Hair bows, literally! These are fun, quirky, and flirty. 
Hershesons Hair Bow Large
Come in 6 different colors and small bows sizes

Want to add temporary color to your hair but are afraid of the commitment and the possible damage? Then hair chalking is for you! Chalking is a technique that can give you fun and colorful hair without the bleaching. Best of works on dark hair too! 
Important:  Use only "soft pastel" chalk
For the Nails: 

Nerds candy nail polish set


Are you one of those people who hate painting her nails because it basically waiting for paint to dry? Well, have no boredom because PAM to the rescue!
Lightly mist on Pam cooking spray a few inches away for instant smudge protection and you are out the door in no time! Remember, a little goes a long way
For the Lips:
How to do an ombre lip
Theses two-toned lips subtly contour the mouth. The key is to use two shades in the same color family and gradually fade into each other. A darker shade around the periphery adds definition, while a slightly softer tone in the center reflects light and creates the illusion of fuller, juicier lips. Smooches!

How about changing your lips into something more exciting and wild! Violent Lips have a line of temporary lipstick tattoos. You can choose from pink hearts, a variety of animal prints, polka dots and many other cool prints. These can be fun to wear on rare occasions like a concert, Halloween or out dancing. 

The American Flag
These American flag lip tattoos will be something for 4th of July!
Violent Lips

Need a color pick me up on your lips? This little recipe by Chisel Beauty is easy to do and sticky free! Oh and it taste good too.

1 teaspoon Lemon Berry Drink Mix
3 teaspoons Vaseline
sprinkle of water

Directions :
Mix the water and the drink mix together until the mix is completely dissolved, stir in Vaseline until smooth.
FYI, it will tingle a bit for a few minutes when you put it on.

Do you have any beauty tricks and finds? Share with the rest of us because sharing is caring!
Happy Saturday :)

*Disclaimer: we do not claim any of these ideas.


  1. Hello again :) great post, loving your blog. i'm on pinterest too and i was wondering, who do you get the red P badge thing for pinterest? x

    1. Hi Sophianne, thank you!
      We got our Pinterest button from Blogger Sentral. They have step by step instructions and 4 buttons you can choose from. Happy pinning!

  2. I've never heard the PAM trick before, but I'm definitely trying it!

  3. Replies
    1. Try it out and let us know how it turned out :)

  4. such great tips! i want to try hair chalking!

  5. Definitely liking this post so I can remember these!

  6. cute!!!

  7. Wow.. Never thought of the drink mix lips...
    like a home made lip stain right?
    I can get with that...


    1. Yeah, it's a lip stain that's sweet to taste :)

  8. Thank you.. what a perfect post.. I love the idea of chalking my hair.. and pam.. brilliant.

  9. I have a great trick for making red lips pop and I love the two tone lipstick. I have tones and that is a really good idea. I will be trying it.



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