Saturday, March 10, 2012

Have a boutique in your own house!

One of these days when we get our dream house, we also plan to have the closet of our dreams. Imagine having your very own boutique in your house with all your fabulous clothes on display. 

By turning a spare bedroom into a walk in closet and dressing room, you can. It can be an open space in where you can get and be inspired or a place to let your inner kid out and play dress up. No matter what yours is to you, have fun with it!

You may not have a closet or the money like:

Christina Aguilera,

Christina Aguilera - Closet

Mariah Carey,


or Eva Longoria,

Eva Longoria Parker
but you can get inspired by them. You might be able to Knock down a wall or two, turn a spare bedroom into a closet, use half of a basement or turn a home office into a closet/office.

Any space can be turned into something amazing. These bloggers sure did that!

Dulce Candy turned her garage into a closet/office.

Domestic Jenny turned a spare bedroom into a walk in closet with a vanity.

Sara from Russet Street Reno blog also turned a spare room into a cute closet with a floor mirror.
If we each had our own dream closet, Neka would put in a lounge seating area, I would have a pretty chandelier hanging from the ceiling and Etta would hang a large mirror with a vanity. 

 If you had a chance to have your very own dream closet what would you do?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Cotton Candy! They are amazing :)

  2. love your blog. Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    I followed you :)

  3. If only I could afford even buying that many clothes. Sigh... Thanks for sharing these awesome walk-in closets and spaces!


    1. I know one day though and you're welcome :).

  4. They look amazing!! I think Dulce Candy's is a bit much because it looks cluttered, but I do like the layout and the size of the room is to die for. Overall, I like domestic Jenny's best.



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