Saturday, March 24, 2012

Creative date ideas Wil Harris style!

First dates and dating in general have become somewhat bland and boring. You don't want to be that guy who takes his date to a dinner and a movie. They're great and fun but doing something more engaging is even better. 

You want to be the guy and set yourself apart from the rest (like wearing a bow tie). Here are some fun and creative first, second, third, fourth and even fifth date ideas that will leave a good and lasting impression:

1. Salsa Lessons at a local dance studio. 
This is a fun and exciting idea to try. Keep the momentum going afterwards with a dinner at a Spanish restaurant. 
Ladies,Go flirty and bold with this lime green skirt.
image of A Fine Lime Skirt
2. A picnic overlooking the city on a roof top
Make a delicious meal, go to the grocery store or pack your (or her) favorite take-out restaurant and have good conversation while enjoying the view.
Ladies, go for a floral print summer dress and if it gets cold, he'll be a gentleman and offer you his jacket ;)
ASOS Printed Summer Dress With Collar 
3. Geocaching is like a big game of hide and seek where there are hidden containers (caches) and you'll have to find them using a set of coordinates and a GPS. Have fun finding the treasure together! 
Ladies, be comfortable and chic in these adorable peep toe polka dot flats.
4. Volunteer together and get to know each other while helping others in need. Take a dog at your local humane society for a walk, volunteer in the children's wing or help at a local soup kitchen.    
Ladies, be bright and happy in this pink heart top.
5. When fruit is ripe and ready for picking go to an orchard and pick some strawberries, apples, or peaches. Bring a blanket and a basket and enjoy the fruits of your labor along with good conversation. 
Ladies, be cool, calm and collected in these truffle hunting shorts.
image of Truffle Hunting Shorts 
6. Bring out your inner kid and watch cartoons from your childhood! If you're a child of the 80's and 90's you'll remember some of the greatest cartoons of all time (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Aaahhh! Real Monsters...). You can also have stacks of candy from your childhood. 
Ladies, wear your favorite childhood cartoon t-shirt.
7. Instead of ordering pizza make one, this includes the dough! Home made pizza is oh so delicious and fun to make.  
Ladies, still be stylish, simple and comfortable with this adorable bow top.
8. Have a themed movie marathon with Netflix or go to your local RedboxWatch horror movies, comedy movies or action movies with a huge tube of popcorn.
Ladies, go for a casual look in this retro inspired summer dress.
9. When the weather is nice, who wants to be stuck indoors? Go roller skating or bike riding at your local park and cool off with an ice cream cone afterwards. 

Ladies, protect your eyes from the sun with these Marni navy sunglasses.
10. If you love the water go water tubing, canoeing, fishing, boating or Jet skiing. 
Ladies, be safe and comfortable in these stylish pink and black water shoes.

A few things to remember:

  • Gentlemen, give her enough information so that she can prepare adequately for the date.
    •  Should she plan on eating beforehand, or come with an appetite? Will she be outside? Should she put on those 4 inch heels or sneakers?
  • Put your cell phone on silent and leave it off the table or in the car (unless you are going hiking or somewhere secluded). Nothing says she’s/he's not important than looking at your phone all the time. If you need to check the time,invest in a good watch Ladies and Gentlemen.
  • Be on time
  • Good hygiene is a must
  • Smile (not the nervous smile!)
  • Have fun and be yourself! 

Do you have great date ideas? Have you been on a creative date? Share with us, we'll love to hear them!
XO Wil Harris

Disclaimer: we do not claim to have come up with these ideas  


  1. Great ideas. There's a type of a date for every type of person.

  2. I agree, great ideas! I reallyyy like that green skirt.

  3. I love first skirt!, such a lovely post and has given me lots of inspiration.

  4. Fabulous date night ideas even for married couples that need to spice it up and keep dating alive. Im going to take my husband salsa dancing! Thank you :-)

    1. Thank you! That sounds like a great plan, you both will have a blast! :)


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