Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The bow-tie renaissance

“The majority of men who wear bow ties do so because the majority of men do not."

The bow tie is a fashion statement and when a man wears it, it shows his specific style. We think they are a very charming and a timeless fashion piece. Any man can pull it off and blend  it with his modern wardrobe and use it in appropriate occasions. 


There is beauty in wearing a bow tie because it allows you to mix it up and have some fun without losing formality. They let you get some individuality in a sea of guys wearing your standard straight tie. When a guy wears a bow tie, people tend to take notice because it's not as common as people would like to think. 

Bow ties can be worn at formal event, semi-formal events, in your everyday wardrobe and even in the office. Some may say they're not for the workplace but we say be bold and go for it but keep it simple and conservative; no bright colors or patterns. 

 Where you can buy bow ties for all occasions:

fun bow tie


  1. Hey ladies! My husband loves self-tie bow ties, so thanks for the links! I like your blog. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Rae for your sweet comments and your're very welcome! We're glad we can help in a small way:)


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