Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Style: Color blocking!

Color blocking was apparent in the fall/winter fashion scene with its bold color choices and now the trend is transitioning into the spring/summer seasons.

It's a tricky trend and there really isn't a wrong or right way to do it but there are some guidelines. Let us take a look at a basic color wheel.
The color wheel is used for interior decorating but it can also be used in fashion, especially if you need a little guidance. It's designed so that virtually any colors you pick from it will look good together. You can pick colors opposite  to each other (complementary) like blue and yellow; three colors next to each other (analogous) like purple, pink and red or colors that make a triangle (triadic) like purple, orange and green.

Let us now look at the styling of primary and secondary colors.

Primary colors: red, yellow and blue

Snow White was ahead of the fashion trend!

Love how she is working the primary colors, check out her blog,
what's more important than fashion .

Secondary colors: greenorange and purple

Gucci spring 2011

Dulce Candy wearing two secondary colors 

If this trend is too tricky or you want to play it safe, choose a handbag, a dress or ampair of shoes that already does the Color blocking for you. 

Shoes are a fabulous and easy way to incorporate the trend into your spring and summer wardrobe without diving in head first!  

Black, blue and yellow  peep toe heeled sandal by Pollini.
Orange and fuchsia colorblock shoe with a chunky heel
Make Me Chic
Black, yellow, blue and pink elastic strap pumps

wedge heel in soft, two-toned suede
A tan heel with a burst of gold and red
Orange and light blue strappy sandals with wedge heels and adjustable ankle straps 

The Jessica Simpson Scarletta Miss Piggy Pink Color Block Pump


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