Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our first blog post!

Hi everyone and welcome to our blog, Wil Harris  We are the Harris triplets: Wilneka, Wilmonia, and Wiletta, and together we are Wil Harris.

Neka is the oldest and is also the Diva and can be very dramatic at times and also very sweet. I’m Monia (the one writing this post), the middle one, and I’m known as the laid back one and a straight to the point kind of girl. Etta is the youngest and is known as the bossy one and at times that bossiness turns into compassion.

 We love fashion and everything about it. Growing up, our mom dressed us alike and in a way we kind of lost our individual identity and style, but as we got older we developed our own sense of style. Now of course there were some hits and misses, but hey, who didn’t have those. We didn't go to school for fashion, Neka went for business marketing, I went for biology and Etta went for mechanical engineering. We attended different colleges but in doing so, we learned a lot about ourselves and our own sense of style. 

There’s something special and unique about boutique shopping and it doesn't hurt that we can be stylish without breaking the bank. We love boutique shopping and it's our dream to open our very own boutique one day. We know that God will make a way for us!

Wil Harris will feature our thoughts and ideas about fashion, history in fashion, our fashion inspirations, and just about everything in between!

XO Wil Harris

(L to R: Neka, Monia, Etta)

(L to R: Etta, Neka, Monia)


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Have a fashionable day!
XO Wil Harris