Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Get GLEEful about Forever 21

Glee fans can get Gleed up about Forever 21's new collection that feature sweaters, crop shirts and t-shirts that any Gleek will be proud to wear. 

Me and Etta love Glee and watch it every Tuesday at 8:00 PM, Neka not so much. It's funny because most of the time we don't watch the same shows. Neka and Etta loved to watch Dawson's Creek when it was on the air, me not so much. When I started watching Criminal Minds, I got my sisters to watch it with me and now it's our favorite, along with Grey's Anatomy :)

Okay, not back to Glee! With this new collection you can make it cutesy, make it fun, make it glam, or make it you!

Metallic Dream top features Rachael Berry, one of the main characters, who has a voice of an angel and is one of the self-proclaimed Divas on the show.

Light weight top that features Glee's ditzy cheerleader, Brittany Pierce. 

Kurt Hummel, the other self-proclaimed Diva, has courage like this over top shirt states in metallic red.

William McKinley High School Glee Club in a loose fitting simple tee.

Glee light weight sweater.

Finn Hudson is the quarter back with the soulful voice.

Glee in metallic gold.

Lounge around in these comfortable glee sweatpants.

Even Sephora is getting Gleed up with these 6 beautiful shades of nail polish!

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